The Vitki like all shamans are noted (and useful) for two main services: Healing, whether it be of people, animals, places or situations and Prophecy. I grew up in a world where prophecy was the norm whether by dreams,
hands, cups, runes or cards, my mother was noted for her prophetic dreams and I grew up thinking this was the same for everyone! I remember as a young child my mother getting up in the morning and saying there is illness in the family, she would then get a suitcase ready and wait for the letter to arrive. This was all in the days before the internet and every home having a phone. The letter would arrive and off we would go by train and boat (we were at that time quite a dispersed family). It was a great adventure for a 4 or 5 year old child, overnight train journeys and rough sea crossings.

Sometimes she would be more specific “Your uncle so and so is ill or on occasion it was has died”. As I grew up I realised this was not the way of most people and learnt the hard way not to be too open about this side of my life to everyone. The gift of prophecy in my family for many generations had always been through the feminine line, my mother though only had two sons; it was passed on to me.

I am of the firm conviction that almost everyone barring the most insensitive of souls is capable of prophecy or being a ‘seer’. The hard part for most people is getting over being taught for most of their lives that there is no such thing and it is all old wives tales. The art of prophecy is no more than an enhanced gut reaction, the Vitki/shaman is either born with or develops these attributes and refines them even further. Prophecy like painting is a gift, but not everyone is going to be a Picasso!

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