So who is the Vitki? We are all the Vitki! Each one of us who follows the Nordic shamanic tradition, whose blood still flows with the spirit of our ancestors, whose heart beats in time with an ancient drum. We who acknowledge Odin as the Allfather as the source of inspiration and archetypal Vitki and the nine worlds and all that they encompass.

We are one and yet all individuals bound by a common spirit, but travelling on uniquely individual paths sharing a common cultural symbolism and values. That is the nature of the Vitki; wandering the nine worlds seeking answers to questions we have not even found yet.

As to who I am? Well, that is not really that important, I’m just another Vitki travelling along the obscure spiritual paths. But for the inquisitive and to put my thoughts into context: I grew up in a family where healing, prophecy and spirits were the norm. My mother was a seer (prophetess) and a had a good grasp of healing and seidr as well, though the latter took me a while to figure out. I still have magical memories of sitting around an open fire as a young child listening to tales of the Huldufólk (Hidden or Little people), banshees and will o’ the wisp. My mother and her mother, and her mother before her etc. were the village wise women and when my mother only had sons, it came out in me.

I am I suppose what they refer to as a hereditary shaman, I didn’t choose to be what I am, I didn’t have the luxury of that option. In my teenage years I tried to turn my back on it and escape, I wanted to be normal like everyone else, it took me a while to realise that was never going to happen. All through history the Vitki has been almost an outcast, people fear what they don’t understand and they don’t understand our powers.

My hope is that my thoughts and experiences may help or inspire others and aid their understanding. May the blessings of Odin, the Aesir and Vanir be with you.