The River

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Life is like a river; we are borne from the spring and flow through our life till we end our journey becoming one with the great oceans of all the rivers that have gone before. Many will see the natural progressions of the water back to the spring, but here I am focussing on the river. A river is never constant in its flow, not even the greatest of them. In the winter the river flows full and and at the whim of the weather, in the spring it swells to an even greater pace from the melting snow and ice and the spring rains. Summer it dwindles in capacity as the sources decline appearing at times to almost disappear underground.

So it is with life, when we are borne we are filled with energy in our spring, as our summer progresses we slow down becoming established and by the time we arrive at autumn; well the less said about that the better!

But a River is no more the master of its own destiny than we are, it too is changed by outside influences of nature and the weather. As people and part of a wider community we are influenced by our environment and the people around us, so like the river we are not constant in our flow to our ultimate destiny.

The river because it is part of nature understands this and patiently waits knowing that the waters will come again. We as people however do our best to divorce ourselves from nature no longer listening to its inner voice, so we become disenchanted, stressed, bored etc because things are not going with the flow.  We must learn to look wider seeing a bigger picture and our place in it and above all try to understand.

Sometimes the river starts to dry up because the beavers have been hard at work up stream,  with understanding you have two option you decide to remove the log jam or patiently wait like the river until the weight of water overcomes and breaks the log jam.

There have been a lot of beavers in my life lately but I know the weight of water is steadily increasing, that log jam wont hold out much longer.

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